Pipe And Cable Locating

Pipe and cable locating assists in identifying underground assets.

Using specialised equipment to locate buried or unexposed pipes and cables, there is often a need to carry out repairs, obtain a service report, conduct maintenance and provide pre excavation and pre construction checks.

Australian Pipeline Management Pty. Limited takes great care to ensure ground penetrating radar and pipe and cable locating activities do not physically damage public utilities or adversely affect associated services.

Pipe and cable locating services include:-

  • Locating utility services for electricity, telco utilities, water, gas, high pressure fuel lines, oil pipelines and stormwater and sewer pipelines
  • Locating utility services using electromagnetic conductive and inductive modes
  • Locating utility services for Telstra and other telco utilities
  • Locating utility services for water
  • Ground penetrating radar survey (GPR) for targeted and sweep searches