CCTV Inspection And Reporting

CCTV inspections of pipelines and conduits are carried out using a tractor camera which drives through and records the inside of a pipeline to determine its condition. WinCan software is used in conjunction with the camera to report on the condition and features.

CCTV inspections can provide asset owners with a look inside pipelines which are too small for man entry.

Australian Pipeline Management Pty. Limited provides CCTV services for pre and post dilapidation surveys, certification of new construction pipelines, general investigation, maintenance purposes and condition assessments.

Inspections can be undertaken for pipe diameters ranging from DN50 – DN2000. For large diameter pipes with high flow, a CCTV raft enables surveys to be carried out where flow cannot be controlled.

Australian Pipeline Management Pty. Limited Operators are WSA accredited and certified in confined space for difficult access pipelines.