Drain And Pipe Cleaning

Australian Pipeline Management Pty. Limited has a range of specialised vehicles for cleaning of underground pipeline networks.

Drain and pipe cleaning services are carried out to clear blocked drains, for preventative maintenance or ensuring pipelines are clear prior to a CCTV survey or trenchless pipeline rehabilitation.

These vehicles use high pressure water to blast any debris or blockages such as tree roots, sand and silt build ups and other deposits out of the pipeline. They are then vacuum loaded into the vehicle and transported off site to a waste facility.

Australian Pipeline Management Pty. Limited has the capability to clean pipeline networks ranging from DN100 – DN2000 in size, various pipe shapes and line lengths.

Specialised nozzles are used for concrete milling, root cutting, dredging and general cleaning.

Australian Pipeline Management Pty. Limited Operators are experienced and certified in:-

  • Operate A High Pressure Water Jetting System
  • Operate A Drain Cleaning System
  • Operate A Vacuum Loading System