Non Destructive Excavation

Non destructive excavation is a safe and effective method of exposing sub surface utilities.

Non destructive excavation (also known as hydro excavation) is used to obtain Quality Level A (AS5844-2013). Australian Pipeline Management Pty. Limited’s hydro excavation vehicles provide one of the safest methods available.

Using high pressure water to liquefy soil or other natural surfaces with regulated pressurised water to create slurry. This mimics the effect of mechanical digging, carefully exposing subsurface infrastructure or utilities without damage. The slurry is extracted using a vacuum loading system.

Following non destructive excavation, Australian Pipeline Management Pty. Limited can provide site restoration after works have been completed.

Australian Pipeline Management Pty. Limited Operators are experienced and certified in:-

  • Operate A High Pressure Water Jetting System
  • Operate A Vacuum Loading System